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Emma Gospel Releases New Music Video “Overflow” From Covid-19 Experience

You Are Reading: Emma Gospel Releases New Music Video “Overflow” From Covid19 Experience.

This interview is coming at the right time as we grapple with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prominent gospel minister Emma Gospel releases a new song “Overflow” and in his own experience of the pandemic, God revealed to him this song filled with anointing and inspiration.

Based on his revelations, you will go to bed smiling or take a leap of faith when you finish reading this interview session with him.

IJA: Overflow! That’s powerful; tell us more about this song?

Emma Gospel – Overflow Music Video

Emma Gospel: The song Overflow is a song of Celebration but most importantly a reminder of all that we have and all that we are in Christ.

Declaring It, Claiming It, And Experiencing All that God has made available to You and Me. Many times we go through very challenging moments and forget God’s promises to us but as u listen to this song you will be reminded of all God has said about you.

The song Overflow is from the album my team and I are currently working on titled “Blessings”. The album will be made up of six songs

IJA: What is the Rhema behind this song?

Emma Gospel: An open letter from God to you and I indicating that He is not done with us, he that has life has hope.

IJA: What is the message does Overflow communicates ?

Emma Gospel: Every song you hear is a message put into Melody.

It’s either Positive or Negative that’s why you must watch what you sing.

The Song “Overflow” Is a sound of Celebration. Celebration in Praise is always pointing to God; it is praise that ignites, its praise that flips the switch.

We don’t sing because we want Victory, We sing because we already have Victory.

It’s time for us to announce the victory and all that God has given us in Celebration.

Anytime you go to a great sporting event, fans will always make a great sound when their champion makes a great play or score.

When the team does something wonderful, you will hear a great sound that commends the greatness of the play.

You will never watch a football match and have a great play and hear a little sound from the fans, “No Way” because if the fans give a little sound it’s going to be an unfair exchange.

The way God does business is in the way of fair exchange that’s why it cannot be considered Praise Or Celebration unless you do it within the realm of your maximum energy.

In other words, if you are in a great battle in life, whether financial battles etc, you’re not going to make a little sound when God does something or is set to do something.

So great play equal to a great sound, great victory! Great sound! It’s interesting that when you lose, it’s never a great sound.

The accompanying sound of Celebration and victor is always a loud joyful noise whether in songs, chants, etc. If you lose, they don’t have loser’s parties because losing requires or makes a demand on silence.

Satan who is wise and knows these principles will always make you shut up, cold, depressed, and unhappy so u keep losing.

From today, Always send your praise first no matter what you are going through because we call forth those things that be not as though they were when heaven records your sound or Celebration.

It activates Heaven’s Fire Power against all your enemies and all your going through like what happened at the wall of Jericho, the wall didn’t fall until they shouted.

Celebration in Praise is a highway where God is on. Now put on a smile because as you sing this song “Overflow” God is taking over.

IJA: Is this song a reflection of your life, as in how has this song ministered to you, before sending it to others?

Emma Gospel: This song is not just a reflection of a particular season of my life; it’s a season we all went through.

Getting into 2020, We all had big dreams, great plans, many of us even planned to relocate to other countries but we saw our dreams becoming useless in front of our own eyes when the pandemic broke out, everything crumbled, we stayed home, many couldn’t eat nor go to work worse of it all we couldn’t go even to the church, it felt like the world was ending.

This is something we didn’t plan for, no one saw it coming but we found ourselves in the deep waters of pain and setback.

No concerts anywhere, no events, total shutdown, we saw people dying like flies, it touched everyone.

No one was left out, blacks, whites, etc.  Just everything went down and sour.

This affected me particularly because I was to be in Asia and India for an event that was scheduled to be in October but I watched everything going down the drain because no one could do any public gathering for any reason.

Worse of it all, I had a couple of events which I had to be in and I had received advanced payments which I had to refund the money since nothing was working.

So one afternoon as I walked out of my room pondering on many things, I felt the Lord speaking to my heart and saying “Let this situation not determine your Confession and I’ll love to say it to you too who’s reading now, Let your situation not determine your Confession.

So I paused and then I started thinking of all God has done for me, all the countries he opened for me for tours, His protection, His provision, my family, and suddenly a melody started playing in my spirit.

so I started humming the melody line without words, a few minutes later the first lines for this song hit my spirit, I rushed to my piano and began playing the chords and melody then the first words came and I  started singing immediately “I Am Counting My Blessings One By One” 

I continued singing it then got excited within me and the next lines came “E too much ooh, My Cup is Running Over”. I sang just these lines for days then sat down and started developing the whole song.

The following week, I noticed that what I was singing started happening literally.

I got a call from one of the wealthiest persons in West Africa, she told me they were celebrating the birthday of her elder brother and it’s something small, it was restricted to just 20 persons because by then COVID was at its peak,

I mean the era you had to stop at every point to wash your hands before entering anywhere, you could not travel or enter somewhere without a mask, just trying to let you know that we were at the crucial moments with the virus globally and also here in Cameroon.

She asked me to come, we made the necessary arrangements and I went with my pianist and one backup musician, we got there, God helped us during the event in strange ways.

What shocked me was the money she blessed me with, I am still in shock every time I think about it, it was unbelievable especially at such a time.

That was my highest-paid event for 2020. It was nothing but a miracle. The same week I got another contract and the blessings kept coming, this wasn’t normal; it was nothing but an “Overflow”.

I finished writing this song, got to my producer,  we worked on it and I had it very strong in me that the world needs to hear it, sing it, dance to it, confess it and then like me, watch all you sing in this song happen in your life one after the other.

I don’t write or sing songs for pleasure or as an ambition.  I sing and say what I hear God saying to me for that season.

Right now the world is still trying to recover but as this song gets to you, As using it, You will see God working in ways that will shock even those around you.

Every word in the lyrics will manifest and come to pass as you sing over your life, career, family, and all that concerns you.

  If you can sing it, you can become it.

Mark 11: 24. For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; HE SHALL HAVE WHATSOEVER HE SAITH. 

My Friend, Just Say It. Just Sing It And You Will See it, A closed Mouth Is A Closed Destiny…

IJA: How was anticipation from the public?

Emma Gospel: I smile because it’s been a long while I released an official song and I feel and see everyone is excited.

We could see that from the way people received the announcement when we sent out the date of the release, the song art, and the title of the song.

We all are excited but most importantly God is very happy. God is always happy when we talk about Him, Who He is, and all He has done or what he can do.

That’s all we are doing in this season; declaring His mighty works.

IJA: What other things are you into and how are you impacting your generation through them?

Emma Gospel: I am fully given to the work of God and my art, serving in every way that I can and loving people.

Through the help of God, I mentor and direct a few persons who are greatly used by God in the Gospel music community within Cameroon and beyond.

Some are not Cameroonians but are in Dubai, Chennai, South Africa, Congo, North America, Kenya, Liberia, etc.

God is working through me as He deems it necessary. Some other things are Private for now.

IJA: Does Emma Gospel have an Album to his name; if yes tell us more about it?

Emma Gospel: This is the first question I always get each time I get to talk with the Press “hahaha”.

For my few years in the music industry, I have released myself to God to use me the way He wants, I just obey and follow closely.

I have been solely on tours out of the country, concerts, etc also featured in lots of Live Recordings and done jingles for most of the biggest media houses in Cameroon but been working on a lot currently as I will give updates on them when it’s time.

IJA: What other songs has Emma Gospel released and can we know them if possible?

Emma Gospel: Jesus Son Of God which is purely a worship song, was also featured in Wonderful Jesus last year.  

IJA: What other things would you love to share with your audience, because they are willing to hear from you?

 Emma Gospel: I will love to say a big thank everyone who has supported me, blessed me in one way or the other. All of what has happened will not be possible if I didn’t have God and You.

IJA: What are your last words concerning this interview?

Emma Gospel: It’s time for us all to be focused, stop trying to do many things at the same time, you can’t be everything, learn more, pray more, be humble, sincere, overcome mediocrity and love each other genuinely.

Where we are is just a starting point. God wants to do more with us if we are available. God is not looking for talented people, He is in search of available men and women who are ready to be used by Him.

Let’s build up our gifts and talents but most importantly our character.

Your Gift can take you to the presidency but it takes character to stay there. All that we know is preserved and contained in Character. A good character is a perfume that no odor can quench. I Love You All.

Special thanks to IJesusAfrica”. I see all you people are doing, let’s keep It coming. A little One Will Soon become a mighty Nation.

That was Emma Gospel, and iJesusAfrica is also glad to have him talk to you and also inspire you on his journey anticipate for his upcoming album titled “Blessings” and his new release Overflow. You definitely need an overflow, and Emma Gospel has just spelled it out clearly in this interview how this whole overflow thing came about, and sure you will experience as he did.

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IJesusAfrica always got your back on all Christian news and gospel entertainment; do not move a muscle, for more is coming your way on this platform.

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You Were Reading: Emma Gospel Releases New Music Video “Overflow” From Covid-19 Experience.

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