Editorial Guidelines

The goal of this guideline is to create high-quality content, for iJesusAfrica.

It will equally be helpful to solve content problems we might face subsequently.

These guidelines will be universal and transparent, for the good of the community contributors, and the editors.

To begin, editorial guidelines are a set of rules that dictate the style, structure, and strategy of our brand, and its consistency when creating content.

Here, there are six main sections to focus on; editing process, writing rules, types of content, style, strategy, and visuals.

Enhance your content with editorial guidelines

Our goal is to create high-quality content that will attract viewers and more followers to our blog. In order to do that, everyone on the team has to work with the same list of guidelines;

  • Content is written which does not follow the guidelines will be rejected.
  • Writers will create all content using the editorial calendar
  • Content has to be timely
  • Raise awareness about the cause of our blog
  • Build trust with the community by bringing incredible and quality content.
  • Keep the community up to date with the gospel in Cameroon and the world.
  • Content must include headings, call to action, relevant keywords/ phrases, key points, and a detailed conclusion (Let your readers know your take at the end of the post). Useful links (No promotion or business links allowed).

Driven Content

Outline the community’s pain points, and the desired outcomes. What they care about, we care about. Writers have to think like the readers (Community).

Editorial Values

 Our Main Topics:

  • Discoveries
  • Church and Faith
  • Careers and culture
  • People and Health
  • Business and Tech

Community contributors are called upon to be active and have an in-depth understanding of the topics they cover. We encourage contributors to write what they aim to either throw light on or have a full mastery of the particular topic.

We fully expect our writers to be very professional in their style of writing, editing, and taking pictures for their articles.

Editorial Integrity:

  • We affirm our commitment to ethical, spiritual, and professional standards. Contents provided must be well researched, transparent and honest, with valid sources. If a copied article is submitted, we will be aware and the writer will lose their credibility.
  • It should be noted that no contributor is allowed to get any link from any business person or artist, to post on the page without any authorization.
  • Do not submit a piece you already submitted, with just a few changes added to it. The article will not be accepted.

Advice to Community:

  • Advice should be something useable. Our readers will always visit our page with the aim of getting something insightful, give them that.
  • Have trustworthy resources like links, studies, and statistics, to prove your work has a reference.
  • Writers should be conscious of representing the diversity found in the Gospel community.
  • Plagiarism will not be allowed. (Copying of another person’s work and claiming it to be yours).
  • Every quote you write should be attributed to a source, for example, “I can’t explain how happy I am to be here” Euphrasia Achu said in an interview, with iJesusAfrica.
  • Always proofread and spell-check your work before submitting it. Articles written poorly will be rejected.

Factual Accuracy:

  • Check the spelling of individuals, names of artists, record labels, etc., to avoid mistakes.
  • Photos are not allowed with your articles unless it is an image you took yourself or an image you have been authorized to use.


  • We tend to accept only original copies from our writers, artists, or any public figure you write about.

Requirements for Application

  • A brief biography of yourself
  • A headshot( Passport sized)
  • Social media handles
  • A website if available.



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