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Dubai-based Cameroonian Gospel Rapper ‘V-Star’ On A Mission To Bless Lives

About Dubai-based Cameroonian Gospel Artist V-Star

V- Star is a Dubai-based Cameroonian Gospel Rapper, songwriter, and recording artist. V- Star delivers unique packages of his music with a mission to bless lives by revealing Christ to many.

Being a gospel rapper he has been able to achieve this over the years and his songs are creating much impact. One of his songs ‘Fear Him‘ is geared toward bringing the consciousness of the reverence for God in the heart of men.


Acha Victory Akoh, known musically as V-Star is a Dubai-based Cameroonian gospel rapper. He was born and raised in Batibo-Momo Division-North West Region, Cameroon on the 7th of May 1993.

The Cameroonian gospel rapper’s stage name “V Star” is derived from his birth name, Victory. Growing up in a Christian home his parents gave biblical names to their kids. Hence, his name ‘Victory‘ which his parents gave him defines God’s Victory in His life as he grows.

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V- Star’s Music Journey

Growing up V-Star enjoyed the art of music but he enjoyed more gospel rap songs. With time the gospel artist got dissatisfied with the few gospel rap songs that were available to enjoy and this prompted him to begin his journey as a gospel rap artist.

Although the Cameroonian Gospel Rapper, V-Star fell in love with music at a very early age he started officially in 2015 with his first EP 2017 titled ‘For Real‘. Starting out as a gospel artist his major challenge was finding a great platform to be hosted on.

In his persistence, he never saw that as an obstacle to limiting his vision as a gospel artist rather he continued passionately.

As a songwriter V-Star has written quite a number of amazing songs which were inspired by the purpose of the song, the experiences he has had, and the beat nature of the song. His Favorite song to minister is “Let’s go” from his EP “For Real”.

His admired gospel artists are Lecrae, Sevin, Frank Edwards, and Brian Trejo. With a lot of inspiration from the artists he looks up to V-Star will be coming up with a new hit titled “We Up“.

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Apart from being a Cameroonian Gospel Artist V- Star is a professional cook who is proficient in all aspects of food preparation and a skilled Technician.

Songs By Cameroonian Gospel Artist V-Star


Fear Him

Je Taimh

Go Up



A Word from V- Star

“The new number of Gospel rap artists rising in Cameroon are encouraging though management in this domain is only average. I think if we can have more female gospel rappers it will do well to have more people embrace gospel rap and allow it effectively impact lives, especially the youths“.

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