An idiom is an expression that has a figurative meaning when certain words are combined. This meaning is often different from the literal definition of individual words. For example, if I say, writing news reports to me is a piece of cake, you’d understand that I mean writing news reports is easy.

You won’t ordinarily associate cakes with ease. But when the words are put together they take on the figurative meaning of ease.

Idioms (idiomatic expressions) make language colorful. One idiom which is often said incorrectly especially in Cameroon is one that refers to something happening very quickly. When we describe how quickly something happened, we say for example, “The thief vanished in the twinkling of an eye“.

That means he got away rather quickly. We can also say “Jesus’ return will happen in the twinkling of an eye”. That means it will happen quickly. Please don’t say “In the TWINKLE of an eye“. Rather say “in the TWINKLING of an eye“. Thank you for understanding. Have a blessed week.

This Busy Thought was brought to you by Brian Aboringong

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