Prodd JD-profiling

PRODD JD is a Cameroon based gospel music duo made up of two male gospel artists ‘Prodd & JD‘ from the central region of Cameroon ‘Yaounde‘.

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Active Artists:

  • Artist Name: JD | Birth Name: YOUBISSI ELVIS
  • Artist Name: PRODD | Birth Name: NDZANGA JEAN-MARC

In 2016, PRODD JD recorded their first single titled ‘Oui Seigneur‘ but planned to release as a track in an album.

In 2017 they released their first studio album titled ‘Mon Coeur Te Chante‘ available on Muzee Digital, with a free track at Vrj Music. The album was recorded at ASM music and supervised by their parents.

PRODD JD’s music is intended to give hope to the hopeless and educate their listeners, and they currently produce and market their music as an independent Duo. Their melodies and styles are often original and that is why they believe their style brings to the globe ‘a new version of Gospel music‘; acclaimed for using diverse languages such as English, French, Spanish and some dialects. Continue Reading Below!

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Prodd JD-profilingPRODD JD has worked with music personnel like DAVIDIC Music, Emma Boss, Tchomy Vens, Nanova, Romeo DJ and more, with some collaborating projects yet to be published. The duo extends their stage performances across marriage, birthday ceremonies, and noble events.

Views on gospel music in Cameroon

  • Their views on gospel music in Cameroon is a renovation and to attract more artists to deviate into gospel music.

Current Project

  • They are currently working on their second album which should be out this 2020

Future Project

  • Their Current Project is to put up a recording studio and to organize a musical competition to encourage people do gospel music.

Connect with Prodd JD:

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