[Music Video]:Climate Change Is A Major Call For Concern, Watch This Educative Clip By Folklore Artiste "Nshomed" – iJesusAfrica iJesusAfrica.com

[Music Video]:Climate Change Is A Major Call For Concern, Watch This Educative Clip By Folklore Artiste “Nshomed”

Cameroonian folklore Artiste Nshomed

Cameroonian folklore Artiste Nshomed

Up rising Cameroonian folklore Artiste Nshomed released a soul touching clip on climate change last year. The song created much awareness on the importance of nature protection which is a great step towards addressing climate change.

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According to the artist, Direct and indirect consequences of Climate Change is a major call for concern and every one!

These includes health impact which have resulted to a rise in the mortality rate, rise in diseases caused by extremely weather events such as: floods , droughts, heat -waves and other disasters which have already killed thousands of people in the whole world.

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About Nshomed

Nshomed is a Cameroonian artiste musician From NW region “Mbessa people”, who has been active since 2014. His love for music started at the age of nine(9) in the church choir.

He got his AL in 2007 in GBHS fundong, started studying Psychology at the UYI before going in for teachers Grate one certificate. In 2014 he decided to go professional with his music career since his love for music was growing higher every day.

Nshomed’s first appearance was at the Yaounde sports complex in 2014. He has been part of many cultural events in the ministry of arts and culture in Cameroon, with crowds of thousands of fans.

  • He has released two albums” preserve Africa” and “mbii” meaning the world, with music video climate change being played in national media.
  • His Popular genre is folklore(njang)

Connect With Artist

email address:

[email protected]

Facebook page:

Nshomed official.

Nshom Edwin ngum


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