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CGM-NET Official Launch: Daddy Bob Pledges Full Support

You Are Reading: CGM-NET Official Launch: Daddy Bob Pledges Full Support

In our previous article, we delivered to you an interview with the President of the Cameroon Gospel Music Network. Now read as Daddy Bob, one of the pillars of gospel music in our nation pledges his full allegiance.

IJA: Thank you for having us, Daddy Bob. What is your appraisal of the Cameroon Gospel Music Network Official Launch?

Daddy Bob: I have waited for this for a very long time. I had to rush from Douala to be in this meeting. It is very important for us, first to understand what is expected of us.

I’m very excited about this especially being under the leadership of Ma Adeline. She’s a very open and motherly woman. So, I know this is going to be really amazing.

IJA: What do you have to say about the Cameroon Gospel Music industry in general?

Daddy Bob: Sincerely, I would not say there is an industry. We have the Cameroon Gospel ministry that is struggling by itself to grow. It needs an industry to help make Jesus’ fame known across the world.

I think that an association like CGM-NET, following the request form government to have such an arm, gives credibility to gospel ministers.

It’s not just about singing and being excited to sing and stay Church: with this, they know that through their gifts they can reach out to the rest of the world with great content and quality music.

In addition, it is appreciated and endorsed by the government of the country.

IJA: Do you have a word for upcoming Gospel artistes?

Daddy Bob: This is the best moment for you. I wouldn’t want you to waste one more second. Come, find those in charge here at CGM-NET and get registered.

You are not going to believe what is unfolding: there is a lot unfolding! I can’t even wait to experience it myself. Again, this is the best moment for upcoming artistes. You are going to be secure, and taken care of.

All you need to do is perfect your craft, believe in what God has given you, believe in the songs God is giving you in your prayer place, in your closet, and bring them out.

We have amazing engineers and song producers who will make sure that what you have is successfully propagated for consumption out there. So, there’s no holding back.

Gospel music is not for those who have abandoned school. It is not for those who have nothing to do. It is for those called.

It is a calling. If you know you have this calling, come and let this association help you, build you, and showcase you to the rest of the world.

IJA: What should we expect from Daddy Bob in the coming months and years?

Daddy Bob: Daddy Bob is a whole well of encounters with God and I can’t wait to bring them forth. I think a lot has been held down because we’ve been waiting for something like this. With CGM-NET, I believe we can do amazing stuff together.

Trust me, there is a lot in the well that is about to be brought forth. Just keep your eyes open. Keep your ears on ground.

We are coming to you through all available media to reach out with what God has blessed us with. From Daddy Bob and the entire Highest Praise family we are in full support of CGM-NET and there is no turning back. We must see this come through. God has made this a time for us.

We cannot stop delivering to you godly content. Indeed, God has made this a time for our nation. In our next article, yet another interview with a might minister of the Gospel. Stay tuned!

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You Were Reading: CGM-NET Official Launch: Daddy Bob Pledges Full Support

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