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Career For The Brave Or For The Passionate? Lyte Studios Gives You Both

You Are Reading: Career for the brave or for the passionate?? Lyte Studios gives you both

The Lyte Studios Academy presents to you a gift as they launch Holiday Music Classes in Piano, Singing, Drum, Guitar, and Audio engineering training from July to August 2021

The training will bring on board outstanding trainers like Bukonge Terrence, SAs, and RAY PRIME to train participants in main cities like Buea, Douala, and Yaoundé.

After two months of training, participants will be awarded certificates upon completion and during your stay at the Lyte Studios Academy, T-shirts will be given to participants as a sign of identification.
The Lyte Studio is embedded with so much potential in the music atmosphere in Cameroon, they are known to have produced the majority of Gospel Artist sounds, like Arah Perez who is now signed with the Eagles Winds Production, a Gospel Music Production Label in Douala, Cameroon.

In order to get more insights about this Holiday Music Class organized by the Lyte Studios Academy, they had the following to say in an interview with

IJA: What is the vision behind this Holiday Music Classes?

Lyte Studios: The training is a small part of a bigger vision under Lyte Studios Academy. But the vision of the Lyte studios Academy is to give back to our community by means of educating the young as well as the old on music as a whole.
Having in mind that music is an integral part of our human existence and can influence mankind in ways we are still to discover.

IJA: Why do you think is the best for this Holiday?

Lyte Studios: Research has proven that people who know how to play at least one instrument are capable of solving life’s challenges because music helps in activating parts of our brain that most people do not make use of.

Giving our kids an opportunity to pick up a skill (audio engineering, singing, playing the piano, etc) as they grow up is an investment that will forever benefit them. Also giving our kids an opportunity to learn something outside their normal class syllabus turns to open up their minds and make them even better in school.

IJA: What other services does Lyte Studio Offer?

lyte studio
lyte studio

Lyte Studios: Lyte studios is a combination of Several sub-sections, offering services in the domain of music production, talent management, movie scoring, event animations, video Productions, etc.

IJA: Which other projects are on ground?

Lyte Studios: We have a series of projects that run all through the year, every year the Lyte studios Academy always takes in trainees for different instruments, we are also hoping to have a concert any time next year.

IJA: Tell us a brief history of the Lyte Studio?

Lyte Studios: Lyte studios is one of the first Gospel-centric Production Studios in Buea and why not Cameroon. We have been existing now for over 4 years working with artists like Bukonge Terence, Prosper Menko, Min Etta, Rochie Osvalin etc, and have also done scores for movies like stray, My gender My pain.

Lyte Studios and Teks Global Deal

teks global

We also have an advertisement deal with Teks Global to produce audio spots for their adverts which can be run on radio. Teks Global is an entrepreneurial organization with its branches found in main cities in Cameroon. They are into Agricultural production, business ventures, and youth empowerment.

The Lyte Studios also intends to unveil other juicy projects in the days ahead, but for now, they intend to keep it as a surprise ‘’We have a number of projects underground which will be wise not to make mention of now until we are sure the points have been well connected’’ said Lyte Studio

lyte studio

You can contact the Lyte Studios on +237 682740336/679395151 and also at [email protected] for more information and clarification, and for your music production.

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You Were Reading: Career for the brave or for the passionate?? Lyte Studios givesyou both

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