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While surfing the internet in search of nothing in particular but just some good Christian article to read and get inspired, I stumbled on a write up on ’’Cameroonian Gospel Bloggers May Be Hindering The Spread Of Gospel Content In Cameroon’’. The truth is the article slapped me hard and I pondered why some bloggers would be working against their own vision.

Their vision is to promote gospel content but the feedback was an attack on their genuineness to accomplish their goal. But then, there is something lacking. Let me begin with the fact that there are so many untapped talents in the Christian fold. There are so many talents in the different arts to be discovered; be it music, films, spoken word, and writing among others.

Sad to say, most Christian blogs focus solely on music. In Cameroon, we are not accustomed to consuming our own content. However, there are few Christian promoting blogs that I have come across and they are doing a marvelous job in promoting Christian content and bring it to the limelight.

I will agree with the writer of that article that when it comes to promoting music, most blogs focus on artists. Yes! They focus on what they see, hear, the charisma, and delivery. What if we equally focused on talent hunt? Bringing to the limelight those who are called to do exploits in the Christian entertainment industry but do not know how to go about it.

The Christian entertainment industry will skyrocket, not just individuals but most importantly the WORD. Bloggers cannot do it alone. It will need a collective effort for the gospel entertainment industry in Cameroon to create meaningful impact. It has to be a two-way communication flow. While bloggers are doing their part, artists, Christian recording labels, and others have to join the synergy.

There are talented, skillful, and gifted Christians hiding in the four walls of our churches. Most of them are not aware of what they need to do in order to grow, talk less of the countless opportunities they miss. After praying for a next-level or higher height, we need to get to work because there are opportunities to be grabbed and battles to be won.

Most of our church based-artists are oblivious to this. They want to get fulfillment in their calling but they are scared of getting into their calling fully and working by faith. Not everyone is called to get into Full Time Ministry but some who are called into full-time ministry see it as a Sunday thing or hobby. Some just sing without a vision.

They just sing because they have a melodious voice and the pastor insisted categorically that they must join the choir and most remain at the level of choir ministration. But God is the God of growth and expansion. He wants His children to do exploits. How do we do exploits if we cage our talents and remain stagnant?

Christian recording labels should get to work. Visit churches. Go without notice. Some of the unique talents you are looking for may not be in that grand concert you are planning to attend.  Also, bloggers need money to effectively promote artists. If you are intentional about being successful, you need to be promoted. Be intentional about getting the best promotion, which requires money.

There are resources needed to promote you. Artists should understand the role of investing and gaining. Sowing and reaping.  The Christian entertainment industry in Cameroon will grow if we renew our mindset. It will grow if we become more intentional with everything we do. It will grow if we give the much-deserved priority to our calling. It will grow if we put the love of God’s work ahead of our interests. It will grow if we let God in and let go of other things. Shallom.

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Kelly Ladouce
Kelly Ladouce
July 11, 2020 8:51 pm

this is great

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