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Born 02-09-1995 is Cameroon based soul (Worship) and Gospel Afro-pop artist “Calewhite”, who goes by the birth name “Asenek Caleb Awat”. The artist was born in the city of Kumba, the South West region of Cameroon; where his parents had settled after migrating from the North West region (Ngie Clan – the momo division of Cameroon). Calewhite grew up in the South West region of Cameroon since it is where his parents now reside.

The artist who is currently based in Yaoundé, Center region of Cameroon is an evangelist by calling, who has hosted gospel crusades and concerts within the country. Calewhite is as well a part-time teacher and student at the University of Yaoundé 1 where he’s pursuing a Masters degree.

His Likes

• Reading
• Watching Christian movies and messages
• Listening to gospel songs
• Preaching the gospel

Summary Of His Education

• Primary 1 to 4 in Kumba
• Primary 5 in Ayong (a village in the South West )
• Secondary Education from form 1 to lower sixth in Kumba
• Upper sixth at lycée etoug ebe in Yaoundé
• BSc degree and Master 1 at the University of Yaoundé 1

Recording artist Calewhite is a Christian saved by grace through faith; he got born again in 2009and testifies “my life change for good”. The artist recalls: “My life before salvation was a mess, it was shameful, disgraceful with nothing to write about, but Jesus found me and gave me direction”.

I have mentors who are all pastors in the apostolic Church: Pastor William and Pastor Esambe Lucas”, says Cameroonian gospel artist Calewhite. Amongst his role models are: Benjamin Dube, Pastor Moise Mbiye, Dr. Tumi, Nathaniel Bassey, Donnie McClurkin, and Sonnie Badu.

Calewhite officially debuted (started) his music career in 2017, having a total of four singles out which are blessing lives across the globe, with an ongoing project which will be his first studio album.

The artist shared: “My main obstacles have been funding, promoting and managing my music as an artist (independent) and not just an ‘ordinary church singer’”. The unsigned artist professes that his art (music) is all about Jesus; Preaching the gospel and giving hope through music, given that his inspiration comes from the Holy Spirit.

I think my music is different from others’ because I have my style of delivering it. My artistic approach is not actually different from others, though there are little differences. The first thing people notice about me whenever I minister or release a song is ‘spirit’; they always say I am spiritual”, says the Cameroonian gospel artist.

Calewhite has worked with several acts like Eyong, Stendhall, Smallboy, Edwin, and still to work with many others. The artist record’s the uncountable testimonies given after his song releases and ministration as his greatest achievements.

Cameroonian gospel music is simply limited to the Cameroonian society and we are doing our best to break that limit, so we can reach out to the world”, says Calewhite. Calewhite has featured on several concerts like Kumba worship with Psalmist, Cinema night with Precious Pipers, Midi Life, The Experience, led by the Bonas Glorious Choir which is now known as CKWF, led by Minister Besong. He has featured on platforms and a host of others.

Calewhite has held several concerts in Yaoundé and Douala which were huge and a blessing to the multitude that attended. His art has evolved over the years and he credits that to amazing revelations from Father God and the amazing personalities he comes across.

He is currently working on his first studio album and a major concert in Douala. Below are a few released singles of the Cameroon based gospel artist. 

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Calewhite – Releases

Calewhite – Pictures

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Follow Calewhite:

  • Facebook: @calewhite
  • Twitter: @calewhite
  • Instagram: @calewhite
  • Youtube: @calewhite
  • Booking: (+237) 678816083

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Calewhite – Upadates

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