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Community Contributor Kit & Agreement

Hi, it means a lot having you join our community of storytellers; let us tell the African stories together.

This document will guide you on everything you need to know about this program. Feel free to write us on WhatsApp (+237 682021477) for clarifications.

Who is a Community Contributor?

A CC is anyone who dedicates some time to write and contribute to on a daily. Unlike a guest author, CCs have a strict content creation calendar to follow on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. CCs equally participate in sharing and hyping activities; basically, you are expected to endorse iJA as a CC.

Why become a Community Contributor?

  1. You are part of a community of young and passionate folks dedicated to telling African stories.
  2. Contribute from anywhere!
  3. Get tasks that help you develop and evaluate your writing and collaborating skills.
  4. Overall CC gets awarded a laptop (quarterly) & awarded a data bundle (monthly).
  5. Reach a wider audience and let them know what you think about certain topics and trends.
  6. You get 100% credits for all your stories; with an author’s account and profile.
  7. You get a starting monthly cash reward of 15.000 CFA, plus a 5000CFA data allowance at the beginning of every month; which will be increased progressively depending on the value you bring to the community. The mentioned figures are not salary but just loyalty rewards.
  8. Get unlimited commissions for paid publications
  9. Earn unlimited commissions for referring our digital services.
  10. Build an author’s portfolio.
  11. Meet prominent figures.
  12. Get a stack of personalized business cards, T-shirts, caps, etc.
  13. Add value to the lives of many
  14. Get 5% discount on all digital services you order.
  15. Take advantage of our physical workspace to handle your own personal jobs.

How to become a community contributor?

Becoming a CC is a straight-to-the-point process.

  1. Review our main topics and decide on which you will focus on.
  2. Already have or be ready to build knowledge on the African gospel community.
  3. Review our editorial guidelines.
  4. Go through all our training either online or onsite.
  5. Make sure you have an active social presence on either or all (Facebook, IG, LinkedIn, Twitter, Telegram, TikTok, WhatsApp, Reddit, etc.)
  6. When ready, start submitting your articles for consideration. You will be required to submit at least 1 newsworthy report every day, at least 1 featured story, and 1 educative article a week for 30 days and 4 weeks respectively. This will help us evaluate your delivery and understanding of the topics you choose. – the more you submit, the better we can evaluate you.
  7. English speaking and writing are ok, but English & French is great!!!
  8. You will be contacted 30 days from the day you submitted your first article with the status of your membership

What’s expected of a community contributor?

  1. Participate in all group content-sharing events.
  2. Be active on the Telegram channel.
  3. Engage on updates on our social media pages by commenting, liking, and sharing.
  4. Share your published submissions with passion.
  5. Come up with 1 collaborative story, the community will collaborate to bring out a featured story, headed by you.
  6. Submit at least two newsworthy reports a day.
  7. Submitted at least 2 relevant featured stories/discoveries a week.
  8. Submit at least 2 educative articles a week.
  9. Attend our online and onsite meetings around you.
  10. Be able to edit and prove read your stories before submitting them on the website. You will have training on this.

Any promotions for a community contributor?

  • Yes, we hope to discover potential candidates to join our general editorial, publishing & Web content creation team – Salary applied.
  • Regional supervisors – Salary applied.
  • Full-time jobs are available at our offices.

NOTE: For any activity that requires funds or resources, do well to inform the financial team on time. Your project will be reviewed and if found relevant and of great value to our cause and readers, we will provide the funds and resources you need.


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