Advertise And Market Your Music, Business, Events, Projects, Institutions, Organizations, Services Now!!! is Cameroon’s No 1 most visited and influential Christian News and Entertainment website.

We are an award winning Non Profit initiative, dedicated to discovering, developing and revealing Cameroonian Christian/gospel artistry and the world at large. We have been dedicated to our mandate since 2017, with an official website launch on September 1st, 2018. Read more about us Here!

As a Non Profit initiative, we do not charge for publications, but if you need to boost the visibility of your advert, then we recommend you consider paid promo, advert, and marketing which is offered by our advertising agency Content Across Media.

Why Promote And Advertise With (Content Across Media)? 

  • We know the right audience for you, and taking your brand, product or music to them is our priority.
  • Our price levels are much affordable and flexible, depending on your ability.
  • iJesusAfrica is a relevant brand to the industry, and working with us makes you relevant.
  • We provide relevant and human engaging content to our audience daily and this is healthy for your ad placements.
  • We have weekly, monthly and annual projects which get much attention. Such projects are healthy spots for your adverts.
  • Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc, will discover and deliver information about You, your brand, product or music in search results, as our platform ranks high.
  • As an artist, you will be listed on our priority list and we will feature, mention or recommend you to any opportunity, and platform we find healthy to your arts. This includes selected shows/events held through out the year.
  • Work with us and get more eyes on what you do!

Note: For Business, Brand, Event, Product, Institution, Organization or any other corporate advertisement, We can provide you a customized advertisment plan suitable for your visibility and sales! contact us using details below! keep reading to see our default packages…

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