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About Miss Christian Cameroon Pageant, The History, Vision, Mission, Goal & Objectives

About Miss Christian Cameroon


Miss Christian Cameroon is an initiative founded by Mrs. Florence Numfor A.N, a Cameroon-based model, who emerged as Miss Christian Africa 2018 – 2019. The Miss Christian Cameroon Pageant is an initiative she conceived after her return from Nigeria.

A few months after her return, Mrs. Florence decided to bring this initiative to reality; supported by a passionate team, the first edition of Miss Christian Cameroon came through successfully in 2019.

The Christian pageant which was planned and executed in a short time (two months) recorded great achievements and impact on the contestants and the church as well; despite the many challenges they encountered.

Many community projects have been done so far by last year’s participants and pictures and videos of these projects can be found on their Facebook page: MissChristianCameroon 

Mrs. Florence and her team are set for this year’s edition of Miss Christian Cameroon and they cannot do this without you. It is important to know that your support means a lot to this vision and to the contestants.

The Vision

Miss Christian Cameroon, is a pageant aimed at restoring women’s kingdom identity and equipping them to better create a positive impact in the church, the community, and every sphere of influence.

The Mission

We are mandated at providing these young women with:

  • Inner healing and restoration to ‘Sonship’
  • Resourceful tools to develop positive character traits.
  • Entrepreneurial talks on skills development and management. 
  • Biblical Fundamentals on Kingdom identity.
  • Biblical Fundamentals on purpose and destiny.
  • Possible funding for their attainable projects.
  • Biblical Fundamentals on how to extend the government of Jesus Christ over the seven spheres of influence.
  • A platform to express themselves.

The Goal

We want to see every contestant fully representing the Kingdom of God, contributing to the family, community development, and nation-building, while upholding true Christian values after the pageantry; with or without a won crown.

The Objective

We have put together some objectives to enable us to achieve our goal.

These objectives are:

  • To promote women to lead purpose
  • To teach the importance of God’s purpose
  • To nurture young girls to be active both in ministry, home and in the community
  • To educate young girls to apply God’s words in their daily activities by the fruits of the Spirit
  • To encourage young girls to study God’s word and rightly divide the word of truth
  • To encourage young girls to win souls through their service to humanity

Miss Christian Cameroon 2022 was recently launched, and registration is currently open, the good news is; it is free!!! Click Here To Register.  Note: More details regarding the pageant will be made available for registered persons only!!

Reach the team for more details on Sponsorship, Partnership, and Participation:

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