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A Journey Into The Life Of The Cameroonian Gospel Artist Septembre Sept, His Music Career And New Projects

You Are Reading: A Journey Into The Life Of The Cameroonian Gospel Artist Septembre Sept, His Music Career And New Projects

Septembre Sept with the born name George Monika is a Cameroonian gospel artist born on September 23 in Limbe.

septembre sept
septembre sept

He studied Accounting, Marketing, and Business Management at the University of Buea. He is now based in Leuven, Belgium.

To cement his relationship with God and have a flow in gospel music, Septembre Sept got born again on January 1st, 2015.

Even though he grew up in a Christian home, Septembre Sept believed that someone who doesn’t have the Holy Spirit cannot have a proper understanding of who God is and that was what happened to him and gave him the courage to take a bold step.

However, he met Christ through a friend and his life has been from one level of Glory to another.

His journey into the music scene has been engrossing. He has always been a huge admirer of western art and a lover of music as well. While in high school he was part of a music group.

Nevertheless, things changed when he came to the University of Buea, where he met a friend who introduced music production software to him.

This allowed him to start learning and creating music using this software, however at this time he wasn’t saved but immediately after salvation, music became a purposeful art and this created the opportunity for him to meet and work with Christian artists like LP Lekingson and Dsaint thereby bringing tremendous growth to his personality as an artist.

Furthermore, LP linked him to a music studio owner which also paved further growth.

Septembre Sept was introduced into his art (Music) in 2014 to the FL studio software while at the University of Buea by his friend.

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His Inspiration

His passion for music was inspired and influenced by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome through his teachings and ministrations from the Holy Spirit. Musically he also learned at a distance from Kanye West and Sango Edi

In Dec 2018 he released his first song titled “Medicine” but for some reason, it was taken down because he felt like he wasn’t ready to pursue a solo career as an artist.

But recently he has released his debut single titled “Selah” in July 2021


Every career comes with challenges, as an independent artist, it has been hard to work without a committed team to help one grow musically.

Septembre Sept narrates his ordeal, and he is presently not signed to any record label in Cameroon, so that makes it more complicated as he journeys along his success road just with his team.

His art is inspired by his relationship with God and experiences in life.  He actually has a minimalistic style of music production.

In terms of the difference, he does not think he knows the difference but only God who commissioned and gave him the gift knows. All he knows is that he loves music and he is blessed to be doing music.

He is Unique in his Art

Septembre Sept believes everyone was made uniquely and of course, his music is different from that of others and the single message he wants to deliver to the people is that “Jesus is alive and He is for everybody and his experience in life are a witness to the fact that He’s alive”

Septembre Sept confesses that one of his key moments was meeting LP, that it was divinely orchestrated because God used him to link him to the music studio he worked in as a producer.

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LP also linked him to Sango Edi whose work ethics influenced the way he does music production.

He has worked with other gospel music artists like LP, NJ, Meniake Beat, Dsaint, and Sango Edi

Septembre Sept believes Gospel music in Cameroon is at its infancy and with unity and love it will grow and get to an amazing place.

He has performed on platforms like “Gospel is beautiful”, “All white worship experience”, and “7 Edge studio launch” and for projects done so far, Septembre has released his debut single titled Selah

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Growth is his strength

Growth is very important, Septembre Sept’s art has greatly improved as he has grown not just personally but artistically in such a way that his work ethic has improved also.

He is not ending it just at the level of releasing singles, he has a long-term project coming up, which is his upcoming EP which features a couple of artists who are brothers to him and will be released by the end of 2021.

CLICK HERE to connect with Septembre Sept


You Were Reading: A Journey Into The Life Of The Cameroonian Gospel Artist Septembre Sept, His Music Career And New Projects

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