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5 Important Things To Consider Before Starting Your Music Career

If a gospel music career is what you desire don’t sit around for it to happen to you. You have to stand up and make it happen.
You might need to note that gospel music is beyond entertainment it penetrates the soul and so whatever you choose to communicate through music can cause a great effect positively or negatively.
Now let’s get into the five things you should consider before starting a music career

1. Why do you want to start a music career?

What drives you into a music career? What is the reason for your decision? This is important because your drive is what keeps you moving on despite challenges in a long run.
Are you getting a music career to make money or not? You don’t want to get frustrated along the line when you don’t get the returns expected.
A well-defined drive will determine how your target audience strikes the balance when they reach out to you.

2. Getting A Music Mentor

Mentors are ladders. They have been where you aspire to be as a gospel artist and if a music career is what you have decided to build then you will need a mentor to look up to.
This is essential because you will get to learn a lot about the music industry through their experiences and if they had ugly experiences you wouldn’t have to go through them.
Choosing a gospel music mentor requires that you consider how long they’ve been in music and he should be the artist you admire so well.

3. Releasing your Songs

Having set a clear motive and getting a mentor, you need to understand seasons and know the songs that will catch the attention of your audience.
In other words, you need to know the demands of your target audience.
For instance, Azambewam by Ak Prince is a seasonal song that was done during the moment of socio-political crisis and so it was a great source of encouragement, precisely what the audience needed.
December is a season of celebration and you are not expected to release a song like Ekueme for example. It is off-season.
The exception is when you feel you are led by the spirit to do otherwise.

4. Engaging in Marketing Strategies

When a new song is released it is important that the song remains in circulation. This is why a marketing strategy is important.
The question is how do I get my song out there? There are online platforms that help to promote the new releases (of course this will require some financial investments). Platforms like iJesusMusic promotes all Cameroonian gospel songs and in addition, has the biography of each artist.
There are countless platforms that serve to meet your target market.
Having a strong online presence is also important. Get active on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for a start

5. Build A Network of Contacts

Every successful career strives for good relationships and the music career is not an exception.
For your career, cultivate relationships with new and old colleagues. People who can help you gather ideas and new perspectives for your career projects.
Effective entrepreneurs understand that they can’t do it alone. They need alternate insights and other specialties to succeed.

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