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4 Skills You Need To Be A Great Singer

A lot of people want to be called Great Singers.

At the same time, most people have no idea how to become one and really improve.

Singing is a performing art. A Great Singer is both a good musician (sounds good and sings the right notes) and a good performer (is engaging and interesting to watch).

There is, in fact, a relationship between performing well and singing well.

This is where essential skills needed to be a Great Singer comes in.

Ready to be one? Read on!

1. Confidence



If you’ve ever seen a great singer perform, you probably noticed that they looked very confident.

Staying relaxed and standing upright are a big part of this, because, humans register a relaxed posture as a sign of confidence, and just standing this way can make you feel more confident as well.

Confidence is achieved more when the fight is won mentally.

Rather than fleeing from the challenge of singing, face it with positive thinking, risk taking and jumping at every opportunity to grow and develop gifting.

This will make you great at what you do.

2. Musicality

Possessing a strong sense of musicality by demonstrating knowledge of melody, rhythm and sound is a very important skill.

While some singers’ musicality is natural, there are ways you can strengthen your musicality as a singer.

Consider listening to music frequently and becoming familiar with common compositions.

This can allow you get a better sense of the tempo of music.

Watching other singers perform can also influence your musicality and approach to singing.

3. Commitment

Commitment is the key to success. As a Great Singer or minister, it’s important to prioritize your voice and take your activities seriously.

This is also key in helping you remain at the top of what you do.

Commitment requires that you:

  • follow through your vocal lessons
  • Be on time to your meetings, rehearsals or auditions.
  • Practice non stop!
  • Vocalize intentionally. Try to listen to yourself and understand what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong.
  • Warm up before singing.
  • Have a positive attitude in your singing and your learning process.
  • Don’t give up. Talent is nothing without putting in the work needed!

4. Breath Control

Breath control is an important skill for singers as your breath is the foundation beneath every vocal.

To be a great singer, you must learn to manage the rate of breath leaving the body and to find the moments during a vocal performance to inhale.

The rate of exhaling is a major key for singers to master as you may need to keep up a constant flow of breath or you may need to reserve it a little, depending on what you are singing.

A lucky few singers are born with naturally developed breath control but for most singers, it is one of the areas that needs work the most and dedication.

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