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4 Gospel Dance Crew You Should Invite For Your Event

A touch of dance performance in any event makes it memorable. No matter the kind of event you organize from a birthday event, a concert, or even church events you can get the best out of your event by spicing it up with  a short ministration from a dance crew.

In this article is a list of 4 Gospel Dance Crew You Should Invite For Your Event. Though these dance crews are based in Cameroon you can invite them for your international events. However, if you are in Cameroon then this is a great list to chose from.

List Of 4 Gospel Dance Crew You Should Invite For Your Event

Gospel Alert Dance

GAD (Gospel Alert Dance Crew) is a dance crew out not to impress but express the bountifulness of God’s infinite love for humanity through their dance ministrations.

They have a great motivating force to draw the youths and the young generation to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. GAD started in February 2020 where they ministered in Ada Ehi’s concert. Through this concert they had other opportunities to minister in other events such as Album launches, weddings, concerts etc.

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They are set to invade the corners of Cameroon and Africa at large to spread the Love of God through the art of dance and more.

Connect with Gospel Alert Dance


Gospel Flamez

Gospel Flamez was founded by World Changers Association Executives 2008. Gospel Flamez runs with the vision to raise a new generation of leaders to impact the world with the Gospel of Christ in all spheres of influence.

This is one dance crew that has a vision similar to the World Changers Association’s vision. Their motto wherever they go is “We Speak the Word, We Live the Word, We Dance the Word”.

They also organize trainings to develop the dancing skills of those passionate about dancing.  While they do this they are also bent on leading them towards God and teaching them to serve and use their gifts for ministry.

Alongside trainings they organize programs such as our DMC (Dance and Musical Concert) which has been running for over 10 years.

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Lux Armiger

Lux Armiger is a latin word meaning Light Bearer. They are a worship community with a vision to magnetize nations into the gospel world through Dance.

They have been in existence for 5 years creating impact through their dance ministrations. They have been organizing the God’s Dance Floor event yearly for four years. And it has been of tremendous blessing to many.

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Virtue dance academy (VDA)

Virtue dance Academy is a gospel dance ministry located in Yaoundé. This dance academy was founded by Gospel Mennequin. They host the Dance Extra Explosive Party (DEEP) event annually.

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