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30 Outstanding Cameroonian Gospel Songs For The Last Day Of April

The Cameroonian gospel music industry has produced a lot of enjoyable songs that keep us rocking, feeling refreshed, and wishing they last forever.

To ease your search for Outstanding Cameroonian gospel songs, iJesusMusic gives you access to an online music library with unlimited Cameroonian gospel songs that will give you your desired experience.

As we end the month of April, here are 30 Outstanding Cameroonian Gospel Songs to check out. The list below is not a ranked list, but our editor’s choice for the month. Mention other songs in the comment section, so we consider them in our next publication.

  1. “Free At Last” by Dsaint Livingston
  2. “Till forever comes” by Joycee Peters
  3. “He Lives” by Emma Gospel
  4. “You no bi man” by Evangelist Ben Awabi
  5. “I’ll always love you” by Clara Lyte
  6. “You are at the center” by Abigail Philip
  7. “Child of God” by Maureen Forbah
  8. “Tout va bien” by JPR Minstrels
  9. “Mighty In Your Way” by Minister Etta
  10. “Yes and Amen” by TN Oswald
  11. “Solid Rock” by Super
  12. “The times” by Zita Light
  13. “Grace” by Asheck Blessing
  14. “Mighty God” by Wache G
  15. “Wisper” by Prosper Menko
  16. “Secret Place” by Karine Atem
  17. “Azambewam” by AK Prince
  18. “Record of Life” by Elizabeth Tekeh
  19. “Hallelujah Praise” by Pandita Njoh
  20. “Jesus, Son of God” by Emma Gospel
  21. “As we wait” by Rochi Osvaline
  22. “Toi” by Merveille Onguenet
  23. “Purify Me” by Anita Etta
  24. “Jesus You Are Life to Me” by Abigail Philip
  25. “Never Let You Down” by Mokambe
  26. “All of My Heart” by Corazon
  27. “Onono Obha” by King Ojage
  28. “PraiseGod” by Flavy Praise
  29. “Toi Seul Compte” by Grace Bethel
  30. “Shine Every day” by Vumomse

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