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10 Bible Schools In Cameroon

Do you think you have a ministerial call upon your life? Do you love God and would want to know more about Him? Or do you just want to have a broad knowledge of the scriptures?
To help and train these categories of people there are various bible schools which vary in their requirements that serve this course.
This article will be of great help to Christian brethren who want to be trained in the knowledge of God and also pastors who wish to be more enlightened on how ministry is done.
With all these noted you might want to consider the following Bible schools in Cameroon for your next training.

1. Cameroon Baptist Theological Seminary, (CBTS)

CBTS is an institution of the Cameroon Baptist Convention, located in Ndu in the North-West Region of Cameroon. Founded in 1947.
CBTS has a standing tradition of commitment to the inerrancy and absolute authority of Scripture as the infallible Word of God.
The Seminary exists to provide biblical, theological, historical, and practical training in Christian ministry for pastors, administrators, chaplains, theological teachers, and other Christian workers within Cameroon, Africa and beyond.

2. Faith Bible College (FRC)

FBC is an interdenominational school that desires to help build the body of Christ in Cameroon through Advancing, Equipping, and Commissioning.
They are located in Ghana street Bamenda Cameroon

3. Rhema Fits Bible College

This institute is Mandated to Help access the Rhema word of God and Empower your calling Via the Transmission of knowledge.
They have their location in kumba, Southwest Region ,  Cameroon.

4. Spirit Institute

Located 300 meters from Bunduma community hall, Buea Cameroon.
It is a school to raise men and women led by the Spirit of God in every domain of life!

5. Victory Bible institute

Their mission is to help local pastors and missionaries in every nation to establish, prepare leaders in churches and make disciples.
They believe in equipping believers to fulfill God’s purpose for their lives.
They are located in  Ekondo Titi, BOX 42 EKONDO TITI, Cameroon.

6. Fire Bible Institute

The purpose of Fire institute is to take devout believers who feel the need to be equipped for the service of ministry and prepared to serve the Lord in that capacity.
Located at PO BOX 30870 Yaoundé, Cameroon

7. Full Gospel Theology Seminary

It is a Pentecostal training Centre offering a Diploma in Theology, Bible and Church Ministries.
Located in Mile 3, Nkwen  Bamenda, Cameroon

8. Cameroon Institute of Biblical Studies

Located at Batibo, North west Region.
They are solely committed in raising ministers of the gospel.

9. Bear Valley Bible Institute International

This is an institution with branches all over the world. Since 1965, the Bear Valley Bible Institute has been training men and women for work in the Lord’s Kingdom with a strong emphasis on studying the Bible. They have a mission to ground faithful men in the truth of God’s inspired word and fan their desire to go out into the world and preach.
The branch in Cameroon is located at Wotutu

10. World Mission Bible College

World Mission International Bible College is dedicated to raising up competent, spirit filled servant leaders, operating in the fivefold ministry, that will make significant difference beginning from their community. Their goal is to build people who will build broken lives and restore the glory of God.
They can be located at P.O. Box 250 Buea SWR Cameroon

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